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Cygnus Theme Update

I’ve finally gotten around to writing a script for high resolution photosets so when ‘larger posts’ is activated you’ll now see a 650px photoset laid out just as it is on your dashboard. Have a look at an example here. If you have a copy of the theme and use the wider display please download an updated copy here, elsewise you can purchase the theme here. I’ve also added an option for notched captions like there is in the Broderick theme, just something I was using myself and I thought looked nice enough that others may want it too.

Update and Previews

I’ve taken the site down and replaced it with a temp site, and I thought it was time for an update over the new site and new themes. As you may know I’m starting afresh so these will be the only ones up for a while. Here are those famous five with preview links and progress bars (as in the top one’s almost finished and the bottom one has a way to go). Also, on money terms I need to make some so the starred themes will cost £1 each per download. Maybe £2. I’ll decide when I finish them. Also if you want to test/beta any of these please message me. Also this should be up on Sunday but there’s a lot to do so I may not make it.

████████████████████ Almerick, belle replacement
██████████████████░░ Quirinius, horizontal infinite scroll
██████████████████░░ Lycoris, phineas replacement
████████████████████ *Cygnus, callidora replacement
████████████████████ *Broderick, optional multicol masonry

Obligatory question mark for any responses / suggestions / praise / queries ?


I’ve been really mia recently because I’ve been on holiday and getting ready for uni and such but now I’m back I’ve been thinking hard about what I want to do with all my themes. I’m just not happy with a lot of them and don’t feel like they reflect my current skills.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

Delete Everything.
I know loads of people will be pissed with this but I won’t relaunch my theme site until I have at least half a dozen themes (already made one yay). I’ve got a nice long list of things I think make my themes different to the plain old same old, which means a few of the new ones will be similar and seemingly just improved versions of some old favourites (belle->almerick) but will actually be a hell of a lot better and more semantic and completely rewritten.

This is all going to happen in the next few weeks if CSM isn’t too much of a drain.

*cut off for people with little interest*
In the last few months especially I’ve experience how troublesome the youth of my imagination is which results in me never being happy with anything and any single design so I’m trying to make things that will last. It’s a hard life. I get bored too easily. But at least on the theme front I’d like to make things I’ll still be proud of after a few months.

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